Staff go extra 900 miles for good causes

Zurich employees who cycled 900 miles for charity and raised �85k at the finish line in Whiteley
Zurich employees who cycled 900 miles for charity and raised �85k at the finish line in Whiteley

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THOUSANDS of pounds were raised for charity by a group of 93 cyclists who rode 900 miles.

The group of Zurich employees brought in £85,000 for local charities by riding from Glasgow to Whiteley.

Their trip took them through major cities as well as stopping off at all the Zurich UK offices.

The team was led by Jason Foyle, from Fareham, who has organised charity events for the past six years.

He said: ‘I look back and think, “how did you manage to get on the saddle every day”.

‘When you think about the people you’re helping, it’s easy to see how.’

Fourteen core riders held the team together through the nine-day challenge, while other colleagues from around the country joined for shorter stints for the route.

Mr Foyle said: ‘Receiving support along the way gives you the determination to carry on.

‘You don’t want to let anyone down.

‘I was lucky enough to have my friends doing it with me which was a big encouragement.’

The group was joined by many senior members of staff including the CEO of Zurich UK Life Business, Gary Shaughnessy, and Steve Lewis, former Zurich UK General Insurance CEO.

Mr Foyle added: ‘I love getting everyone involved – it’s great to see what we can achieve when we pull together.

‘We’ve already had people asking if they can join in next time which is reassuring.’

As the riders arrived back at base in Whiteley, they were welcomed by the Brookfield School Band, from Sarisbury Green. Each participant was presented with a medal and friends, family and co-workers gathered round to congratulate the team. Mr Foyle said the wheels are already in motion for next year’s big event.

‘I’m excited to be able to help local charities and push ourselves even further,’ he said.

The money raised will go into the Zurich Community Trust and, through the Zurich Cares programme, will support a number of charities in the Portsmouth area.