Stamp appeal to raise cash for canine partners

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A CHARITY is launching a Christmas appeal to turn used stamps into cash.

Canine Partners, which provides dogs to support people with disabilities, is launching the Stamp Appeal across the country.

The charity is working with a stamp dealer who operates with various charities to turn stamps into cash.

It encourages individuals, businesses and schoolchildren to start collecting stamps so that Canine Partners can turn them into funds to help train more canine partners.

Just £5,000 raised will cover the cost of a puppy’s first year of training.

All kinds of stamps can be recycled, on or off paper. No more than a 5mm single thickness border can be left around them, and the perforations should not be damaged.

Any commemorative or special stamps should be sent, or handed over, separately.

Collected stamps can be sent to Canine Partners Stamp Appeal, PO Box 638, Fareham, Hampshire, PO14 9JJ.