Stingrays born at Southsea aquarium

A baby stingray born at Blue Reef aquarium in Southsea
A baby stingray born at Blue Reef aquarium in Southsea

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A PAIR of baby stingrays have been born at Southsea’s Blue Reef Aquarium.

The babies, which were born last week, have been removed from their open top seabed display and taken into the aquarium’s quarantine area where they will be monitored over the next few days.

Blue Reef’s Jen Atkinson said: ‘Both babies seem to be in excellent condition but we have removed them to a nursery tank in quarantine for their own safety.

‘The youngsters are exact miniature replicas of the adults and even have their own tiny stings at the end of their tails.

‘They are able to live off the remains of their yolk sac for the first week or so following birth but after that we’ll have to wean them on to solid food.’

The pair will be moved to the main aquarium later in the year.

Stingrays have a gestation period of about six months. The eggs hatch within the mother’s body and the pups are born folded up like a newspaper, each measuring around 15cm in diameter.