‘Stowaway’ crab from US found in Portsmouth Harbour

RECOVERING Crab at Blue Reef
RECOVERING Crab at Blue Reef

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A BLUE crab from across the Atlantic has been found in Portsmouth Harbour.

The callinectes sapidus crab – which translates from its Greek name as ‘beautiful swimmer that is savoury’ – was caught by a member of the public. Although they are usually found in American waters in the Atlantic, it’s thought some have been accidentally transported across the Atlantic over to Europe in ships’ ballast.

Discovered in a poor condition, it is now making a recovery at the Blue Reef Aquarium, Southsea.

Robbie Robinson, from the aquarium, said: ‘We have to be very careful when handling this species of crab as it is extremely aggressive and has large, fast-moving claws which attack anything that comes too close.

‘Its claws are powerful and very sharp and once they get hold of something, it rarely lets go.’ Recently the numbers have dropped from 900m to 300m.