Stroke sufferers urged to share their experiences

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MOTHER-of-five Vanessa Palmer is urging stroke sufferers to take part in a national survey after seeing how it affected her own life.

The Havant resident had a stroke two years ago which left her epileptic and with right-sided weakness of the body.

It was caused by a hole in her heart which allowed a blood clot to travel to her brain.

Now she cannot handle money, carry things or spend time in public places because it brings on a seizure.

The 45-year-old said: ‘Before my stroke I was fiercely independent and juggled many different balls at once to give our kids all that I could.

‘I never smoked and used to jog four miles every day. Now I need to rely on my husband or a friend to do everything.’

As part of a national campaign led by The Stroke Association, she filled out the Daily Life Survey and is urging other sufferers to also take part.

The survey is to help the organisation understand more about the challenges faced by stroke sufferers and work towards improving their situations.

Katherine Staley, regional head of operations for The Stoke Association, said: ‘More people are surviving their stroke, this means that more of us are living with the effects of stroke in our daily lives.

‘The Daily Life Survey will be an important tool in helping The Stroke Association to better understand the challenges stroke survivors face.’