Students praised for rescuing man outside hospital

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A group of heroic youngsters came to the rescue of a stroke patient who tumbled helplessly to the ground from a wheelchair after leaving hospital in a daze.

The group of 14-year-old King Richard School pupils spotted the ailing man in his 60s lying helpless in Leominster Road after he left Queen Alexandra Hospital in a state of confusion.

Christian MacDonald, Daniel Cross, Hayley Hyett, Clayton Thomas and Sophie Seymour were socialising after school when they caught sight of the distressing scene.

But instead of walking on - as they observed other passers-by doing - the friends ran up the hill to help.

Christian said: 'It was a pretty shocking scene because the man was very stressed. We found him clothed in just a jacket and boxer shorts, but it was freezing cold outside.

'The man was conscious but he wasn't speaking clearly, so the first thing we did was to lift him back onto the wheelchair. We tried to ask him where he wanted to go, but he refused to be moved.

'There were people walking past but no-one stopped to help. It was quite intimidating because we'd never been in that situation before and were desperate to do the right thing.'

Eventually, community wardens arrived on the scene, and coincidentally, so did the patient's daughter who recognised her father as she drove past.

She rushed over to warm him up with blankets and he was placed in the back of the warden's heated van as they waited for an ambulance to arrive.

Daniel said: 'There was a huge sense of relief when the ambulance came. And as I stood there I felt happy we were able to help.'

Christian added: 'I'm proud of what we did. Who knows what might have happened if no-one had bothered to stop in the first place, as it was getting darker.'

The students were all praised in school assembly and given 10 each to spend on clothes following the good work in November last year.

Adam Dare, headteacher, said: 'I'm tremendously proud of them but I can honestly say I'd expect the same from any one of our students. Time and time again people in the community come to me to praise our students for being helpful.'

'It was intimidating as we were desperate to do the right thing'