Study proves active children have better mental wellbeing

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A CAMPAIGN has been launched to get the children of Portsmouth doing more physical activity every day.

A study done by the University of Oxford and Loughborough University has shown that children who take part in sports and other physically active games, are more confident, have higher self-esteem and improve academically.

The change4life campaign is challenging children in Portsmouth, to take part in its 10-minute shake-up programme, to help them meet the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity that a child needs.

Children will be encouraged to sign up and be part of one of the teams led by their favourite Disney characters.

Each shake-up will gain the children points that they can register with their team, from Frozen, Toy Story, Monsters Inc and Big Hero Six as they compete for the title best shake-up team.

One of the professors who led the study, Charlie Foster, said: ‘The positives of exercise on children’s mental wellbeing are less well known than the physical benefits.

‘The evidence showed a strong link between physically active children and improved self-esteem, confidence, attention span and academic achievements.’