Study says pensioners in the city are living life to the full

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THREE quarters of pensioners in Portsmouth feel like they are making the most out of their retirement.

The average retirement for city pensioners now consists of two holidays a year, a disposable income of £365 a month and a glass of wine at 6.40pm, according to a new study.

Carried out by Senior Railcard, the study revealed one of the secrets to Portsmouth pensioners’ positive outlook is their active lifestyle, undertaking brisk walks, gardening or swimming at least once a week.

Andrew Robertson, from Senior Railcard, said: ‘Leaving work and having so much spare time on their hands can be apprehensive for those embarking on retirement.

‘So it’s fantastic that so many people are relishing their retirement and staying active.’

It was also found that just under three quarters of those polled felt younger than their age.

Commenting on the findings, Mr Robertson said: ‘Our poll showed that Portsmouth residents in their sixties, seventies and eighties are determined to make the most of life in retirement and have no intention of slowing down.’

Brisk walks were by far the most popular form of physical activity, followed by gardening, and swimming.

However, the survey revealed that an ambitious few are also keen to take part in adventurous activities including motorsport, kayaking and jet-skiing.