SUE JAMES: How do we answer the big questions about food?

One World Week is taking place at the end of October                                        (Shutterstock)
One World Week is taking place at the end of October (Shutterstock)
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What does it mean to be a good neighbour?

Groups around the city will be considering this during One World Week at the end of October.

It can include reaching out to other people and creating new links. It can also mean thinking about the effects of our actions on neighbours overseas.

Is it fair to dump our rubbish, buy ridiculously cheap clothing, pollute the air or refuse to pay a fair price for our fruit?

The idea of One World Week is exploring issues of global concern as well as trying to build stronger links in our own communities.

Our event at the University on October 19 will raise a range of concerns about food.

Why are people going hungry here and abroad? Who’s controlling our food trade? Can we waste less and share more? What about animal welfare and the environment? Can we feed a rising population? How can we make our food system better?

The free event will be an opportunity for local groups to share their concerns and invite people to get involved.

There will be a cookery demonstration using surplus food, thanks to FoodCycle, and free puddings.

The Food for One World event is at the Hub, Dennis Sciama Building, University of Portsmouth, Burnaby Road, Portsmouth from 7pm.

The organisations taking part:

Abundance Portsmouth- A new project that harvests surplus and wasted fruit from trees and

hedgerows across Portsmouth. Go to 

FoodCycle – Strengthens communities by bringing people together around a healthy meal using surplus food and creating opportunities to talk, exchange and build lasting relationships.

Food Portsmouth – An independent organisation that aims to support, develop and promote a fair and positive, sustainable food culture across Portsmouth and Southsea.

Oxfam – The charity’s GROW campaign aims to transform the food system by challenging inequality.

Portsmouth Green Drinks – A monthly gathering for anyone with an interest in environmental issues.

Fairtrade – The organisation gives producers in poorer countries a fair price, plus money for their community.

Global Justice Now – A campaign group that fights against trade deals that make it easier for large corporations to increase their control.

Portsmouth Climate Action Network – The charity is concerned about the effects of a changing climate on food supply.

Greenpeace – An environmental campaigning group.