Sugar makes life sweet for Tamara

When Tamara Wall played her first Cinderella last year, she was advised to pour sugar over herself. 'You're not sweet enough,' she was told.

But it goes against the grain for her to be sweet, she says as she prepares to reprise the role in panto at the Kings Theatre, Southsea.

'I'm normally a rock singer and would love to make this Cinderella a quirky, bolshie character, but it is such a traditional pantomime you really have to keep her the way she is - for the kids.'

She fell into the role by chance in York last year when the intended Cinders became unavailable two weeks before rehearsals began, and she clearly impressed director Simon Barry sufficiently for him to cast her again now.

The surprising thing is that Tamara was available last year, in a busy career that has included We Will Rock You and Fame in the West End.

'I loved them both but in Fame I was just dancing. I was in We Will Rock You for three-and-a-half years and that's where I discovered my voice,' she says.

'I was understudying both the main female roles, and the girl playing Scaramouche didn't have a very strong voice so I went on a lot. I would definitely do that sshow again, given the chance. It's my favourite kind of music and the band on stage was phenomenal.'

Tamara danced and sang in ITV's Cinderella, filmed as live in the theatre with not only Julian Clary, Frank Skinner and Ronnie Corbett but Samantha Janus in the title role - and loved that too.

But she admits she hated Spirit Of The Dance. 'I don't understand the fascination with that Irish dancing style,' she says.

And she really, really hated Romeo And Juliet The Musical, in which she appeared in the original West End cast.

'It was amazing in Paris where it was done in a contemporary, off-the-wall kind of way. Here they did it in a cheesy, almost panto way, and it was quite embarrassing.'

Tamara was born at Weybridge, Surrey, began dancing at the age of three and never stopped, she says. But for the duration of the panto, she will stop long enough to stay with her mother, who now lives at Littlehampton.

Cinderella, starring Charlene Tilton from Dallas, Syd Little and former children's TV presenter Simon Grant, runs from December 10 to January 3.

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