Survey aims to uncover what West Sussex people think about ageing

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PEOPLE in West Sussex are being urged to take part in a survey about ageing.

Marking the start of West Sussex County Council’s Age With Confidence initiative, the scheme aims to help people prepare for old age so they know where to go for information and advice.

The survey will help find out from residents their views on growing older, how they are preparing and what would help them feel more confident about living well in old age.

Councillor Louise Goldsmith, the leader of the council, said: ‘People are living longer.

‘By 2020 half the population in the UK will be aged 50 or over.

‘In West Sussex, the number of older people continues to increase at a higher rate than nationally.’

Cllr Peter Catchpole, who is in charge of adult services in West Sussex, said: ‘We want to make sure that people are confident in preparing for and living well in old age.

‘The survey will give us a valuable insight into attitudes to old age and what plans people are making for the future.’

The form can be completed at

Click on ‘consultations’ under ‘Have your say’.