Survey to answer questions about high street shops

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SHOPPERS are being invited to complete a survey about Gosport’s town centre to help decide what to do with a £100,000 grant.

Gosport Borough Council has formed a town team made up of shopkeepers, neighbours and market traders to help shops in the area.

Now the group wants to know what people really think of Gosport’s High Street and why they do – or don’t – shop there.

The answers will help the team decide what needs to be done to boost the town centre.

One of the town team members is Brian Russell, of the Gosporteers.

He was part of the research group put in charge of coming up with the survey.

He said: ‘It’s important that any proposed improvements or changes are ones which not only residents and existing users of the High Street want to see, but are things that will help attract new shoppers to the town centre.

‘We not only need to know what current visitors like about the High Street and what they use, we also want to know why some people don’t use the High Street and what we can do to encourage them to change their views.

‘Is it a lack of facilities or the type of shops?

‘All responses will then be analysed and used to inform our funding and action plans.’

While many high streets in the country have been reporting a large number of empty shops, Gosport has been enjoying the opposite of the trend.

In recent weeks, a number of new shops have popped up in the area including a cake shop, a hairdresser, a bike shop, a mobility shop and a cafe.

One of the town team’s aims is to see a mix of shops opening in the area.

Last month Gosport lost out in the second and final round of bids to become a Mary Portas pilot town.

It would have seen the town given special measures to test out on the shopping centre in a bid to bring shoppers back.

But the town was still awarded a £100,000 cash boost by the government earlier this year for the same purpose.

And the Gosport Town Team has been asked to help choose how to spend it.

Members also want to find ways of encouraging people to use the High Street and stay in the town centre for longer.

To complete the survey online, visit

People can also pick up a hard copy of the survey from Gosport’s Town Hall and Tourist Information Centre.

The survey will run until September 28.