Sword swallower to star on Czech version of talent show

Sword swallower El Lurchio, also known as Ian Brown
Sword swallower El Lurchio, also known as Ian Brown
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FROGS’ legs, cow tongue, liver pate.

Some people will eat anything – including former Fareham resident El Lurchio, whose real name is Ian Brown.

He swallows swords, and viewers in the Czech Republic got their first taste of the circus performer when his shocking antics premiered on this year’s Czech and Slovakia Have Got Talent.

A former contestant on both the UK and German versions of the show, Ian was invited by producers to audition in front of the judges in Bratislava.

He is now waiting to find out whether he has qualified for the live TV rounds.

‘I couldn’t believe it when I heard I had featured on the auditions round on television in the Czech Republic,’ said Ian.

‘They didn’t tell me and apparently I now have a Czech Facebook page set up in my name.

‘The producers invited me over, but I said I would do the show for free if they could get an x-ray with the sword inside my body.

‘When they said yes, I got a sword engraved with my name on it and the x-ray picture is now part of my business card.’

Ian said he had always been a lover of shock performing.

He said: ‘When I was younger, I was in the news a lot because I used to unicycle on my paper round.

‘I’ve always been a bit different.

‘I moved over to the Isle of Wight and then began to teach and learn everything, including fire-eating.

‘I do something called the Human Blockhead where I hammer nails into my head and another thing that’s called Mental Floss, a move when you put a balloon up your nose and pull it out of your mouth.’

Ian began learning the art of sword-eating a few years ago when he met members of the Circus of Horrors – a touring group of medieval circus performers. He was encouraged to swallow wire hangers up to 40 times a day.

He said: ‘My mum doesn’t really like some of the stuff I do, but I think she is proud of me. There’s always a risk with it, but as long as the gag reflex doesn’t come back when I put a specific corkscrew down my throat it’s fun.’