Take a journey into the skies above on board HMS Warrior

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STARGAZERS can take a journey into the cosmos aboard HMS Warrior tomorrow evening.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is hosting a BBC Stargazing Live event which will include stargazing, space activities, talks and cosmology.

Visitors will be able to look through telescopes and learn how sailors used the stars to navigate.

Activities will take place aboard Warrior and at Action Stations from 6pm to 10pm.

University of Portsmouth astronomer Dr Jen Gupta said: ‘We’ve organised a range of activities to suit all ages so there will be plenty to do whatever the weather.

‘Guests can take part in Galaxy Zoo, an online citizen science project where anyone can classify pictures of galaxies.

‘They can play Scale your Cosmos Right – an astronomical take on Play Your Cards Right or just come along to chat to astronomers and cosmologists about research on galaxies, dark matter, dark energy and the early universe.’

Tickets can be booked online at stargazingportsmouth2015.eventbrite.co.uk.