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Jeff Goodridge - community views
Jeff Goodridge - community views
Amelia Gould, Head of Engineering at BAE Systems, Naval Ships, Combat Sytems with Year 7 students from Carisbrooke College on The Isle of Wight at Land Rover BAR. From left: Sam I'Anson, Elissa Gildart and Laila Elias     

Picture: Malcolm Wells (180116-3654)

Year of engineering campaign backed by Land Rover BAR

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Twitcher and keen blogger Jeff Goodridge says there’s always something to see in Highland Cemetery

I regularly walk my dog, Scruffy around Highland Cemetery in Southsea, recording and photographing what I see within the cemetery and then recording all the details on my blog, The Financial Birder.

Not only does the cemetery have a very interesting history, including a couple of individuals buried there who inspired Charles Dickens characters, there is also a wealth of nature slap in the middle of terraced housing.

In a way, the cemetery is like a little oasis within Southsea, attracting quite a few interesting birds that grab my attention.

You will always see Wood Pigeons, Collared Doves, Blue Tits and Magpies, but occasionally, something unusual will turn up.

I have recorded gorgeous birds like the Black Redstart, Wheatear, Hobby and Redstart over the past three years.

A Woodcock has been seen recently too. The seasons bring in different birds throughout the year with large numbers of both Fieldfare and Redwing during the recent snowy weather.

It is not only birds that grab my attention.

The wild flowers, insects, butterflies and fungi are always interesting and last year, I finally spotted the albino squirrel running around over the graves, after a kind nearby resident said it had just been feeding in her garden.

I have currently recorded 61 species of birds in this small area of Portsmouth and regularly meet some very nice people while walking my dog.

There is only one bench for people to sit on within the cemetery but when you are here, just stand still for five minutes and watch what goes by. There is always something to look at.