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CHANGING SEASONS Michelle Gibbs has been enjoying the vibrant colours of autumn
CHANGING SEASONS Michelle Gibbs has been enjoying the vibrant colours of autumn
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Michelle Gibbs, artist and tutor at the Omega Centre in Portsmouth, talks about how the autumnal surroundings can be inspiring

The fallen leaves once hanging in the trees full of colour now lying brown and lifeless are a reminder that winter has arrived.

It got me thinking about our seasons and how lucky we are to be able to witness the changes in our environment.

Autumn is a particular favourite of mine largely due to wonderful array of burnt sienna, orange and vibrant reds all around. 

Being an artist I am always admiring my surroundings.

Spotting the change of colours in the trees is just one of my joys, the sky is another.

You will often find me looking up and admiring the cloud formations and beautiful, subtle colour changes in the sky.

Some of you may be surprised to know the sky isn’t just blue or grey, it has many colours.

We live such busy lives that for so many of us we don’t take time to appreciate what is right in front of our eyes. 

Photos are a great way to capture these moments.

I am the ‘strange’ person you’ll spot over the park walking her dog and taking photos of the scattered leaves on the ground.

But for me it’s a visual diary and when I’m in need of some inspiration I can sift through my photos and be reminded of these little things.

Next time you are out and about I challenge you to look more closely at your surroundings, stop for a moment to appreciate them, then take a photo.

You never know when that picture will come in handy. 

If you decide to transform your photo into a work of art be sure to work from your memory of how you felt when you were there and not be governed by replicating exactly what the photo shows you, for a photo will have limitations whereas your memory of the moment will tell a much bigger and more beautiful story.

I was pleased when my mum turned to me the other day (without knowing I’d written this) to tell me how much she was enjoying all the beautiful colours of autumn.

Being an art tutor I always love to see your artistic creations so please feel free to email me at michellegibbsart@gmail.com.

n Michelle Gibbs has her own business Art2Arts selling artwork nationally as well as being a full time artist and tutor, running workshops from her studio at the Omega Centre in Portsmouth.

For more online tips visit mgartclass.com or to view Michelle’s artwork go to michellegibb.co.uk.