Taxi crashes into pedestrian in Fareham

Rowen-Jean Killeen
Rowen-Jean Killeen
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A PEDESTRIAN was hit by a taxi in a terrifying crash, a cab passenger has said.

Rowen-Jean Killeen, 20, of Layton Road, Bridgemary, was on her way home in a taxi that she had hailed from the rank in Hartlands Road, Fareham, on Saturday night.

A pedestrian was crossing east to west near the junction of West Street at 6.33pm, when he was hit and run over, Rowen-Jean told The News.

‘By the time I got out of the taxi there was blood everywhere,’ she said. ‘I thought he was dead as he wasn’t moving – he was knocked out briefly.

‘I honestly thought he had gone but then he started to wake up. It was horrific.

‘People were running out of the nearby steak house as they heard the bump the car made when it went over him.

‘There was so much blood.’

Rowen-Jean, a piercer, added: ‘The guy was crossing the road and the taxi hit him.

‘He went up on to the bonnet.

‘He fell off the bonnet and the taxi went straight over the top of him and travelled another metre.

‘I got out and this guy was a mess on the floor.

‘I put my coat under him straightaway and called an ambulance.

‘There were a few people that stopped and helped but the guy was missing a lot of skin from his head and cheek.

‘I ended up covered in blood where I put the coat there.’

The pedestrian suffered minor injuries and was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham, an ambulance service spokeswoman said.

She added: ‘We sent an ambulance officer, two ambulance crews and rapid response vehicle.’

A Hampshire police spokeswoman added: ‘A man was crossing Hartlands Road (from west to east) when he was in collision with a private hire vehicle travelling south, having exited West Street precinct.

‘The driver provided a negative breath test.’

Anyone with information about the crash should call police on 101.