Taxi tests set to be assessed by Hampshire charity

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A HAMPSHIRE charity has been chosen to carry out taxi driver assessments to improve public safety.

The Blue Lamp Trust, in Eastleigh, was selected by councils across the country who were impressed by the rigorous testing offered in the Taxi Driver Assessment. It has already carried out 900 assessments for 75 licensing authorities.

The assessment is 45 minutes long and resembles an enhanced driving test, including motorway driving and various manoeuvres.

Drivers are only allowed up to nine minor faults compared to 15 on learner tests. No major or dangerous faults are allowed.

Jim Bettley, general manager of the Blue Lamp Trust, said: ‘We are honoured that so many licensing authorities across the country have decided to come on board and use our Taxi Driver Assessment, with a number of others also keen.

‘The assessment offers rigorous testing to make sure taxi drivers are of a high standard to ensure the safety of passengers and the community, as well as the driver.’