Teen lights up tower for epilepsy

The Spinnaker Tower lit up in purple.'Picture Ian Hargreaves
The Spinnaker Tower lit up in purple.'Picture Ian Hargreaves
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AN INSPIRATIONAL teenager has lit up the Spinnaker Tower to raise awareness of epilepsy.

Lewis Hine from Havant pushed the button to turn the tower purple last night in honour of Epilepsy Awareness Day – also known as Purple Day - in an event organised by Young Epilepsy.

The annual event was started by a young girl in Canada who helped make Purple Day viral across most of the countries in the world.

Lewis, who has spent most of his life in and out of hospital, is known for creating the website Friend Finder in 2015 – which looks to ensure that young people suffering from illness or disabilities can connect with one another and become friends, sharing their stories and experiences.

Lewis suffers from epilepsy himself, having numerous seizures every day.

His mother, Emma Hine, said: ‘Lewis has drug-resistent epilepsy and has five or six seizures every day.

‘He has never been asked to do something like this before so was incredibly proud.

‘It means so much to him because it is such a big part of his life – so to raise awareness is incredibly important to him.