Teen rescued from locked school grounds in Gosport

  • Teenager had to be rescued from Bay House after climbing the wall and dislocating his shoulder
  • Firefighters from Gosport cut the fence and padlocks to let paramedics in
  • The 18-year-old had been playing with friends on the all-weather pitch at the school
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A TEENAGER had to be rescued after dislocating his shoulder after climbing over a school wall.

Firefighters from Gosport had to rescue the 18-year-old from the closed grounds of Bay House School, on Gomer Lane, in Gosport.

The teenager became trapped when he decided to climb over the fence into the locked school while playing football with his friends on the all-weather pitch at Bay House.

As he climbed over the wall, he dislocated his shoulder. Due to the fence, his friends could not get in and firefighters were called.

The crew arrived at around 9.30pm on Monday and had to dismantle the gate and cut the padlocks to allow paramedics to get to him.

He was taken by ambulance to hospital with a suspected shoulder break and dislocation.