Teens ‘least aware’ of cyber security, says Fareham firm

Teens must take more care online
Teens must take more care online
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MORE should be done to educate young people about cyber security, according to an IT firm.

Fareham company Taylor Made Computer Solutions says that youngsters under the age of 18 are the least clued up on cyber security.

Statistics released by Webroot show that people under 18 are the most likely to pay for the return of stolen data and that 57 per cent that have clicked on a link from an unknown sender have also either been a ransomware attack victim or know one.

Managing director Nigel Taylor said: ‘Sadly I can see why the youngest age group is the least cyber security-aware.

‘They’ve grown up in this digital era and have the least to lose from a financial and intellectual property perspective.

‘They are however the most vulnerable and, by association, anyone sharing devices with them in the home, school and work is also exposed to that risk.

‘Examples of this range from weak and unprotected password use through to inappropriate selfies that can be used against them when they are older and possibly in more influential or important roles.

‘The inappropriate selfies taken at 17 years old may come back to haunt them and maybe even damage them in their twenties.’