Tell us what makes your pub local great

FRIENDLY A good local pub is a great place to have a chat
FRIENDLY A good local pub is a great place to have a chat
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THERE’S still plenty of time to tell us all the wonderful things about your local pub.

We want you to vote for your favourite place to go and have a drink – and the one that gets mentioned the most will be crowned the best pub of the year.

We’ve been flooded with entries so far and we’re asking even more of you to come forward.

The pubs that have come up the most are; The Wellington, Old Portsmouth, The Green Dragon, Rowner, The Leopold Tavern, Southsea, The Hole in the Wall, Southsea, and Shenanigans Irish Cafe & Bar, Southsea.

Stuart Ainsworth, landlord of The Leopold Tavern, is extremely supportive of The News competition.

‘It’s the whole raising of the pub’s profile – not just my pub but all of them in Portsmouth,’ he said.

‘We’re losing more and more pubs and they’re part of the community.

‘People come in here to meet.

‘You can have a cheap supermarket drink but you don’t get the atmosphere of a well-run pub.

‘There’s someone here to have a chat to.’

While many pubs are struggling to survive, Stuart has ordered 30 extra seats.

‘I’m lucky in that I have a Friday and Saturday night trade. But I want to look after my locals.

‘There’s no reason that Bob who sits in the corner seven days a week shouldn’t be made to move on a Friday or Saturday night just because it’s busy.’

Beer campaigners have also shown their support for The News competition.

Nigel Firth-Penney, member of the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra), said: ‘Pubs are vital part of our communities. They bring people together.’

The winner will be presented with a trophy by Mark Waldron, editor of The News.

The closing date for entry is midnight on April 30.

Simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page and send it back to us.

There’s also information on how to enter by text message.

Pubs with 10 nominations or more will go through to a final short list, which will be published on May 4.

· To nominate your favourite pub fill in the nominations form in The News today.