Tesco wins early morning drinks licence

M27. Picture: Malcolm Wells

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A SUPERMARKET will be allowed to sell alcohol from 6am, despite protests from neighbouring residents.

Tesco's new store at London Road's junction with Montague Road, in North End, Portsmouth, will sell alcoholic drinks from 6am-11pm, after a decision by Portsmouth City Council's licensing committee.

But the committee has reminded the store's owners, and North End residents, that the licence can be removed if the decision leads to anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood.

It was feared that the new licence could have led to drunken behaviour around the shop, including in the car park of a block of flats in Montague Road.

But Tesco's solicitor Jeremy Bart said: 'We are determined to be good neighbours. We won't allow anyone who is drunk to buy alcohol here and we will call the police if we, or our CCTV cameras, see any problems.

'We are a convenience store, and we want to sell a small amount of alcohol as part of what we offer.'

But Sophie Dykes, who lives at Belham Apartments in Montague Road, said: 'There are already groups of youths who drink in the car park and it creates a real risk of crime and disorder.'