‘Thank you’ says cyclist to doctors and nurses

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A CYCLIST who broke his back in five places in a horror crash has thanked the people who saved his life.

Gabriel Danton, 29, was riding to work on November 16 last year when he was hit head-on by a car on a bend.

The severity of his back injuries left him bed-ridden at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, where he had a number of operations.

A year after the accident in Selsey Road, near Chichester, he is back riding again.

Mr Danton, who lives in Chichester, said: ‘The doctors kept saying you’re so lucky, you’re so lucky to be alive.

‘I’ve been told a medical expert from St Richard’s was a few cars back from the accident and came to help me, and if it hadn’t been for her not moving me, untold damage could have been done to my back.’

Mr Danton thanked the staff who looked after him at St Richard’s, as well as his aunt and uncle who were there by his side throughout. The elderly female driver was convicted of driving without due care and attention, fined £87 and given four points.