‘Thank you to everyone for all of your support’

BLUE FOR YOU Moorings Way Infant School on Blue Day this year. Picture: Malcolm Wells (131081-8375)
BLUE FOR YOU Moorings Way Infant School on Blue Day this year. Picture: Malcolm Wells (131081-8375)
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MORE than £200,000 has been raised for the Tom Prince Cancer Trust since Blue Day was first set up in 2008.

A total of £213,000 has now been raised from the last seven Blue Days which have taken place to raise money in memory of Tom, the 16-year-old Pompey fan who died of bone cancer osteosarcoma.

This year’s Blue Day, which took place on Friday, April 19, once again saw people from across Portsmouth and beyond dressing in blue and taking part in blue-themed activities to support the trust.

And the family say that around £19,500 has been raised this year, with some donations still coming in.

Clinton Prince, Tom’s dad, said: ‘It’s amazing that people are so enthusiastic to support the charity and believe in what we want to do with the money.

‘People enjoy it.

‘We had quite a few people phoning us up this year asking if we had got a date for Blue Day. It’s embedded in the community.

‘It’s a great sense of achievement for everybody involved from the schools to the older people who put pennies in our buckets.

‘It blows us away with the generosity and the support that has been shown that people are so willing to do this for us.

‘It’s overwhelming. From the whole of the Prince family, to anybody who has done anything in the past and wants to do things for us in the future, a massive thank you.

‘And thank you to The News for supporting us so well.’

Around £805,000 has now been raised for the charity in total.

It brings the family closer to their initial aim of raising £1m for research into the disease.

Clinton added: ‘We couldn’t have done it without the people of Portsmouth.

‘When we first set out on this it seemed like a dot on the horizon but now we have come closer and closer.

‘At first we couldn’t believe we could do it.

‘But now it shows that the people of Portsmouth want to do something.

‘We have just progressed from there.’

Anyone who still wants to make a donation for Blue Day should visit tomprince.co.uk, or alternatively take the cash to the Lloyds TSB branch in Eastney Road.