Thanks for rescuing my baby!

Firefighters came to the rescue when a baby was trapped in a room
Firefighters came to the rescue when a baby was trapped in a room

Southsea firefighters save pet Chihuahuas from house blaze

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THE mother of a baby rescued by firefighters after he was trapped in a bedroom has paid tribute to the crew.

Stephanie Waudby, 32, of Hambrook Road in Gosport, had put her eight-month-old son Elliott in his cot in the master bedroom for a morning nap when he became trapped.

Stephanie had put the door ajar as the latch was broken but when she got downstairs, the wind slammed it shut, trapping Elliott inside.

She then called her husband, Kevin, 36 who was at work, asking him what to do.

He told her to dismantle the door handle but that did not work, so she then called the non-emergency number for Hampshire Fire and Rescue, who put her in touch with Gosport Fire Station.

Firefighters arrived at 11.27am and used a ladder to get into the bedroom through an open window, opening the door when inside.

Stephanie said she was grateful for the help from the firefighters.

‘I was panicking but he was absolutely safe,’ she said. ‘It was just me panicking that I wouldn’t be able to give him a cuddle if he needed one.’

She added her 20-month-old daughter Grace was oblivious to what was going on.