Thanks for support in 2011, say Tom’s family

CHARITY Tom Prince
CHARITY Tom Prince

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A LOCAL charity is sending its thanks to members of the public for their support throughout the year.

Many fundraisers have taken place in aid of the Tom Prince Cancer Trust, including the News-backed Blue Day, cake sales, band concerts, and swimming events in the Solent, over the last 12 months.

And the grand total for the trust now sits at more than £646,000 – almost three-quarters of the way to the organisation’s aim of raising £1m.

The trust was set up by Tom’s family after he died the night before his 16th birthday at his Southsea home.

He had osteosarcoma – a rare bone cancer which the trust aims to fund research into.

Since it was first set up in 2004, the charity has received a great deal of support from people across the area, and the cause is spreading across the globe.

A group of international students at the University of Portsmouth organised an international party – where they encouraged people to wear native dress. Homemade, international food was also sold at the event which raised £100 for the charity.

Adele, Tom’s mum, said: ‘It’s great to know we are still receiving so much support from people in the Portsmouth area, and further afield.

‘We’re always keen to try different things and get new people involved, but it’s nice to see so many of the same people help us every year – they deserve a big thank you.’