The Adventures of a Bear called Paddington The Spring, Havant

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For those of us old enough to remember the excellent children’s TV adaptation of Paddington Bear from the 70s, this production from Humdrum Amdram is a real treat. The simple set recreates the pen and paper style design that will be instantly familiar and the slightly OTT cast seem to have fallen straight out of 70s Brit TV central casting with their bow ties, Pringle style jumpers and hair in rollers.

The cast are clearly enjoying themselves and director Sam Sampson has given them free reign to revel in a script that contains more than its share of cheesy one liners and (unintentional?) double entendre.

At the centre of this all is Sampson as Paddington Bear, ably assisted by James George who, a brief samba aside, spends most of the show on the sidelines as the narrator, but all the while carefully guides the audience through the action.

The rest of the cast largely play multiple roles and they all seem to be having a ball. Special mention must go to Peter Colley as the mischievous Sir Archibald and also to Sally Evans as the bristling, bustling Mrs Bird with her heart of gold.

Be sure to check this out, your inner child will thank you, trust me!