‘The attraction of running is you get out what you put in’

Harry Carter
Harry Carter
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I STARTED running at the age of 16 and I got quite good and went off from there.

I’ve done lots of national and international events.

It’s part of my life now, especially with the shop, Absolute Running in Stoke Road, Gosport.

The attraction of running is that you get out what you put in.

It’s not like other sports where you rely on other team members.

If you do all the training that you can physically do then you will get as good as you possibly can.

Whereas in football, you might be a good player but you might not get spotted on the day, or circumstances can affect you.

You can find your niche and then you can work hard at that to achieve something in that area.

If you’ve got a pair of trainers then you can run.

Running affects everyone, whether you like it or not, you run for the bus or down to the shops.

There’s a correlation between it and fitness, but you don’t have to be running races to be a runner.

You can go out jogging to get fitter or to lose weight, there are different goals for different people.

If you haven’t done it before then you’re going to lose weight and get fitter.

It’s going to give you positive mental and physical well being.

You can meet good friends through it too, there are thousands of running clubs up and down the country and loads of wide-ranging events you can do.

With other sports, especially football, there can be negative stereotypes, parents not wanting their children to get into it.

Search Gosport Golden Mile on runnersworld.co.uk to register.