The blight of fly-tipping continues at Waterlooville beauty spot

Fly-tipping in Cowplain
Fly-tipping in Cowplain
  • Rubbish is dumped at beauty spot in the woods
  • It is reguarly blighted with builders waste
  • Changes to waste recycling centre coming in soon to allow small business waste
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A HUGE pile of rubble has been dumped at a beauty spot – just a week after what was seen as a major breakthrough in getting rid of trade waste.

For the first time, household waste recycling centres across the area will soon accept trade waste from small to medium-sized businesses.

This person has absolutely no regard or respect for their environment or others, I dread to think of how they live. What sort of mentality must they have?

Mary Jones

They will still have to pay a fee, but it is hoped the convenience will help to reduce the blight of fly-tipping, which costs councils thousands of pounds a year.

But on Friday, just weeks before the service by Veolia begins on April 1, rubble, bricks, a broken-up boiler and shelving was dumped in woods off Sheepwash Road, Cowplain.

It was left directly below a sign warning against fly-tipping.

Mary Jones, of Greenfield Crescent, Cowplain, spotted the mess.

She said: ‘Whoever is doing this must be local as it’s not a well-known walking lane for anyone other than locals.

‘This person has absolutely no regard or respect for their environment or others. I dread to think of how they live.

‘What sort of mentality must they have?

‘Obviously the tipper thought it amusing to dump it right next to the sign that says tipping prohibited.

‘They had to drive to get to the spot, so why didn’t they just drive to the tip?’

The forthcoming change has been announced as part of a £70m deal with Veolia, which will now run the 26 recycling centres across Hampshire.

It is part of Project Integra, a partnership between Hampshire County, Portsmouth City and Southampton City councils.

The service is due to start in April and further details of the changes, including fees, will be released soon.