The Comedy Club at the Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

Police were called after a two tonne paper roll fell out the side of a lorry on the M27 at Junction 13 on July 12. Picture: @HantsPolRoads

Two-tonne paper rolls bursts out of lorry on to M27

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‘I feel like a substitute teacher’, quipped Joe Wells, minutes after appearing on stage.

Hosting instead of regular compere Dinga, the youngster struggled to cope with a rowdy party of hecklers.

The Wedgewood Rooms Comedy Club advertised Brett Goldstein and Jarred Christmas plus a special guest. The actual line-up was unrecognisable.

First up was Jenny Collier. While some parts were amusing, such as her piece about working in a call centre, there were awkward silences. Her amusing content was let down by poor delivery.

The headline act was Charlie Baker and most of his act involved singing, he had a fantastic voice. In stark contrast to Collier, his content was weak but his delivery was flawless.

Overall, a good night, but a shame it wasn’t the comedians who were expected.