The Driving Project makes young people safer drivers

Matthew Best
Matthew Best
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Every parent wants their child to be safe on the road when they start to drive.

Matthew Best, founder of the Driving Project, does just this and gives 14 to 16-year-olds the chance to learn basic driving skills.

The 37-year-old, from Portsmouth, goes to a number of schools in Portsmouth and Gosport, giving the pupils the opportunity to get behind the wheel in a safe, controlled environment.

‘Some young people are nervous when they start their driving lessons,’ says Matthew.

‘I give them the chance to learn the basics of driving off-road so when it comes to the real thing, they have some experience behind them.

‘Evidence shows that people who start learning at a younger age tend to be safer drivers.

‘I just want to give them the opportunity to learn and be safe.’

The Driving Project was officially launched last year after a successful pilot experiment at Springfield School, in Farlington, Portsmouth.

Since then, 10 schools have got involved and have their pupils taking part in the course.

Matthew adds: ‘The students enjoy taking part and most of them are really mature when it comes to it.

‘They don’t go crazy with the accelerator but are safe and steady.

‘I just want to give them a bit more confidence at the wheel because it will help in the long run.’