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The News has been working with the Big Lottery Fund to bring their Cash for Communities project into Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

Readers can now vote for the applicants they think should have the money.

Here are the 20 selected applicants awaiting the public vote.

Wymering Manor Trust

PROVIDING a community hub for people in Wymering, the Wymering Manor Trust, plans all kinds of events and activities.

It organise family fun days and educational days with a range of variety for everyone to enjoy.

If it wins a slice of the cash, it will be spending it on their Healthy Heritage Garden project.

The money will allow them to buy equipment, plants and other things for the garden.

It applied for £13,100.


A UNIQUE boat based at Gunwharf Quays, Wetwheels is designed for all abilities.

The boat is fully accessible for all ages and abilities and has enough room for three wheelchairs of any size.

It gives everyone the chance to experience time on the water.

If it wins, the group aims to spend its money on a new project.

The project will provide 30 free power boat trips for the elderly and children aged 11 to 16.

It applied for £17,475.

Blue Lamp Trust

ITS aim is to reduce crime and help elderly people feel safe in their own homes.

The Blue Lamp Trust provides free home safety and home security surveys.

It then carries out the required work, fitting items such as fire detectors, spy holes and door and window locks.

The trust would use its piece of the cash to employ someone to carry out the checks as well buy a van and all the necessary equipment for the service.

It applied for £24,903.

Baffins Milton Rovers Football Club

WELCOMING players of all abilities and demographics, Baffins Milton Rovers Football Club is for the community.

Its main aim is to give any young person the chance to be part of a close-knit team, concentrating on player’s strengths.

If it wins a piece of the cash, it will use it on improving their facilities to FA standards.

This includes new changing rooms, transportation and storage for the clubs equipment.

It applied for £29,706.

Community First

PROVIDING advice, support and resources for communities, Community First encourages more people to volunteer with them.

The group helps the less able help themselves as well as working with the socially disadvantaged and working as a bridge between the community and the council.

If it gets a slice of the money, it will spend it on creating a new way to reach the wider community.

One of the main aims to concentrate on mental health.

It applied for £27,580.

Connors Toy Libraries

THE focus is on parents for community group, Connors Toy Libraries.

It provides support and advice for parents, carers and children across Portsmouth.

Volunteers help parents through toy lending, group sessions and other resources.

The group aims to spend the money on staff costs including training, stationary, games for the children and equipment.

The money will help them reach more vulnerable parents and families in the Portsmouth area.

It applied for £10,682.

Fratton Live at Home

PREVENTING social isolation and helping elderly people make new friends, the Fratton Live at Home scheme does a number of activities.

The group provides classes such as arts and crafts, knit and natter and bingo.

It also host quiz nights and day trips to city museums.

The money would be used to develop their healthy lifestyle scheme.

It encourages their members to cook healthier meals and be more active in their everyday lives.

It applied for £10,000.

Enable Ability

A CHARITY for care and welfare of the disabled, Enable Ability provides high quality care.

The team works with disabled children and adults and works with them through playschemes, morning clubs and a sports club.

The club will use its bit of the money for the expansion of their PALS project.

Social meetings will be provided for young people including cooking classes, meals out, day trips and evenings at the cinema.

It applied for £19,620.

Hilsea Lido Pool for the People

RESTORING a public swimming pool is at the centre of the Hilsea Lido Pool for the People campaign.

The group supports Hilsea Lido and wants it to offer a wide range of water-based activities for the whole community to enjoy.

If it wins, its part of the money will be spent on providing weekend water games for young people and giving them the chance to gain swimming skills.

It will also help train staff so they get more experience.

It applied for £28,510.

Haslar Visitors Group

HAVING the only drop-in centre for refugees and immigrants in Portsmouth, Haslar Visitors Group is important for the city.

The centre provides a friendly atmosphere for children and their parents and gives them advice.

It will use the money to expand it services for those who attend twice-weekly meetings.

Haslar Visitors Group will also use the money for legal fees if the refugees or immigrants need a barrister.

It applied for £16,000.

John Pounds Community Trust

A WELCOMING community facility, the John Pounds Community Trust has a series of activities for everyone.

Based in the heart of Portsea, the centre has a main hall, fitness suite, business hub and nursery.

It also provides advice on healthy lifestyles.

The money would be spent on establishing a Portsmouth FoodCycle.

It will help the homeless and the lonely and those who risk going without meals by providing regular meals.

It applied for £29,750.

Home-Start Gosport and Fareham

SUPPORTING local, vulnerable families, the Home-Start Gosport and Fareham aims to provide fun activities

The team of volunteers helps families with one or more children under the age of five and offers regular support, friendship and practical help through home-visiting.

It plans to spend the cash on employing a coordinator volunteer to support 15 families in Fareham.

It will also help with isolation and improving mental health.

They applied for £14,732.


A JOB in IT or full-time employment in catering are examples of what Motiv8 can offer young people.

The group supports young people and gives them the chance to have a better life.

It aims to build positive relationships and provide apprenticeships.

It plans to use the money on a music night in Gosport.

The numerous sessions will provide open mic nights, beatboxers and band nights of different music genres.

It applied for £16,508 in total.

KIDS-South East

THE local branch of a National charity, KIDS-South East empowers young people to challenge the world.

Through new experiences and great opportunities, the charity aims to give young people more self-confidence and give them the chance to realise their dreams and aspirations.

It will spend its slice of the cash on taking a group of disabled kids to the New Forest on a three-day trip.

They can try lots of activities like indoor skydiving.

It applied for £13,000.

Portchester & Districts Community Association

SOCIAL, leisure and education is at the centre of the Portchester & Districts Community Association.

The group provides social activities including dancing, sessions for children, craft clubs and play-schemes.

It provides something for all ages during the week.

It plans to spend their money on a new IT programme for the visually-impaired.

It gives them money for four new laptops, software for their IT cafe and six, fully-trained volunteers.

It applied for £10,000.

Pompey in the Community

SUPPORTING young people through physical activities and innovative learning, Pompey in the Community wants to make their lives more positive.

The charity aims to help disadvantaged members of the Portsmouth community through a wide range of projects.

If it wins, it will spend its portion of the money on providing physical sessions for 36 schools in deprived areas of Portsmouth.

The free, weekly sessions will provide a fun two hours.

It applied for £26,725.

Simon Says Child Bereavment Support

LOOKING after and supporting children and their families when someone has died is Simon Says Child Bereavment Support’s main aim.

The group supports bereaved children and runs a helpline and training workshops.

It will spend their money on setting up a local Gosport group.

It aims to help 32 nurseries and schools in the Gosport area with training in bereavement and helping them continue in education.

It applied for £25,000.

The Rowans Hospice

HELPING people who have been diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses can rely on The Rowans Hospice.

Based in Portsmouth, the team helps patients live everyday to the fullest and focus on what is important and meaningful.

It will be spending the money on providing a free companion and practical help at the hospice for a year.

The worker visits patients, making sure they are comfortable and answering any questions or concerns they have.

It applied for £30,000.

Portsmouth Scouts

FRIENDSHIP, adventure and fun is what Portsmouth Scouts is all about.

From six-years-old to aged 25, Scouting is a great way to grow in confidence and try new things.

It gives members the chance to gain extra experience in a variety of fields.

Portsmouth Scouts aims to spend its money on replacing equipment for its archery, shooting and mountaineering equipment.

It will also purchase new equipment such as cameras.

It applied for £10,000.


GIVING disabled people the chance to ride, Tadissar is a unique group.

It aims to give its users confidence through horse riding and other equestrian sports.

The group has specialist saddles suited for all disabilities.

It wants to spend the money on expanding its weekly riding and social group.

Funds will also go towards a hired room and horses and the upkeep of a specialist and advertising of a new group.

It applied for £10,000.