The Foresters Arms Public House in Gosport

LOCAL The Foresters Arms Public House in Gosport
LOCAL The Foresters Arms Public House in Gosport
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All landlords know how important it is to build a strong sense of community among their regulars.

So when Rob and Lorna Hylands took over The Foresters Arms, in Anns Hill Road, Gosport, they knew the best way to do it.

Lorna, 52, was a high-flying darts player and played for the Hampshire league before she met her husband and had children.

She can actually remember playing in the pub she currently runs.

And, as a darts player, she knew exactly what people want from a pub.

She said: ‘My close links with the darting fraternity and because I’ve always been quite gregarious, meant I knew a lot of people.

‘At the beginning we scraped together enough players to get into the league and more and more people wanted to join.

‘We now have five men’s teams on a Monday, five ladies’ teams on a Tuesday and I provide them with what they need – perhaps a new dart board. I’ve also become quite famous for my curries.

‘I still have a great passion for darts and it helped us get the pub going.’

There is karaoke at weekends, pool teams, fundraising nights and a weekly quiz.

The couple manage their pub in line with a popular proverb which adorns the wall: ‘a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet’.

Rob also runs the Gosport Pub and Club Watch website which allows landlords to receive instant warnings about troublemakers in the area.

Rob, 53, said: ‘The pub didn’t have a very good reputation years ago, so when we took over we decided we weren’t going to put up with any hassle.

‘We wanted to go for a nice, family-friendly atmosphere and we have worked hard to make that happen.’