The hand of friendship wins school top marks

L-R Mia Stephenson and Rosie Town help each other'' at  ''Brockhurst Infant School in GosportPicture: Paul Jacobs (150112-1)
L-R Mia Stephenson and Rosie Town help each other'' at ''Brockhurst Infant School in GosportPicture: Paul Jacobs (150112-1)
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PUPILS who help each other to learn stood out for a school inspector.

Brockhurst Infant School was given a good in its latest Ofsted report, with the inspector noting that ‘pupils demonstrated outstanding behaviour by supporting each other’s learning’.

Headteacher Gary Nicholls said he was proud of the children as the school’s everyday ethos is about encouraging them to help one another.

He said: ‘Throughout the school we look at teaching the students about helping each other with their work and learning. We have a friendship bench where children who have no-one to play with can sit and then children know to include them in their games during playtime.

‘We also have a friendship wall where the pupils write how their friends help them.

‘It’s an important aspect of our school and our school badge is two pupils helping each other so it is definitely what we are about.

‘It’s fantastic that the inspector picked up on that throughout his visit.’

Brockhurst Infants, in Avery Lane, Gosport, was commended on its assessments of children.

In the report, under leadership and management, it is said assessment is a great strength of the school and teachers assess pupils continuously and their progress is recorded regularly. It highlighted the high standards of teaching in maths and the interaction of parents with the work of the students.

Mr Nicholls added: ‘Parents have good involvement in the school and the reading diaries are well-kept.

‘But there is nothing in the report that was unexpected.

‘We know where we are with our reading, writing and maths so the inspectors’ comments were expected.

‘As a school we are meant to know what our levels are.

‘Overall, I’m happy with the report and how the inspection went.’

To improve further, the report said the school needs to improve the quality of marking by giving pupils tasks which will help them to take the next steps.

It added that improvements also had to be made to the quality of the pupils’ writing.

To see the full Ofsted report, visit the school’s website at