The head of Don’t Hate, Donate calls for help as new projects begin

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She set up her own charity after being inspired to help by the Syrian refugee crisis – and now Chantelle Burton is calling on volunteers for help.

The 25-year-old set up Don’t Hate, Donate in 2015 and is now the CEO of the registered charity.

Chantelle, from Southsea, said: ‘We send aid to Syria, Greece, Calais, Uganda – wherever there is a need around the world.

‘We’ve sent more than 200 tonnes of aid to Syria alone, but we also give to local homeless people, and do other work in the community.

‘Don’t Hate, Fill Your Plate is the charity’s newest project which launched last weekend.

‘We provide 100 meals to the homeless, refugees, asylum-seekers and anybody in need every Saturday, at Guildhall Square, Portsmouth.

‘The food is provided to us by local restaurants and we dish it out.

‘Saturday is the only day of the week in Portsmouth where there aren’t any soup kitchens open, so we’ve filled that gap.

‘The idea is to bring different communities together and there’s music, it’s a mini-event.’

Don’t Hate, Donate operates on a 100 per cent donation policy and is run by a team of volunteers, who are soon hoping to expand.

Chantelle added: ‘We’re always on the look-out for more volunteers.

‘People can help with sorting aid, meal-serving, or our new sleeping bag swap scheme for the homeless, to name a few things.

‘We often hold volunteer recruitment days.

‘Next week we’ll be announcing where people can drop off items for donation on Wednesdays and Sundays.’

Follow the charity on social media for updates, or visit to find out how you can get involved.