‘The ‘purr-fect’ time to think about a pet improving your life.’

MIAOW Cats Protection giveS free talks and presentations to schools
MIAOW Cats Protection giveS free talks and presentations to schools
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APRIL is a very special month for pet lovers — it’s national pet month.

Throughout the country people will be recognising National Pet Month.

As part of the celebration, our Fareham and Waterlooville Districts branch is offering talks to schools, colleges and any other organisations that may be interested.

Our talks will be keeping with the theme of Your Pets and You: Companions for Life.

The talks we offer are free, fun and informative, you even get a free goody bag.

Our aim is to educate people about caring for a cat and its needs.

We will be using the talks to raise awareness of the contribution that cats make to people’s lives as well as the benefits of adopting a cat from our organisation.

Through choosing a cat you will be rewarded with love and companionship along with the cats’ degree of independence, self-reliance and individual charm.

Following National Pet Month is National Microchip Month which runs throughout June.

We recommend that owners make sure their cat is identifiable, the safest way to do this is through microchipping.

It is also important for owners to neuter their pet, from four months, if they are not planning on breeding them.

This will help to avoid any unwanted litters.

We have helped over 235,000 unwanted cats and we never yet put a healthy cat down.

If you have a cat and need advice on its care, we offer a free advice helpline on 030000 12 12 12.

If you would like to book a Cats Protection talk, please call John on 07794 118994 or email john.brett@cats.org.uk.