The Royal Garrison Church really is a gem, says Barbara

IT'S A BEAUTY The Garrison Church in Southsea
IT'S A BEAUTY The Garrison Church in Southsea
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THE Royal Garrison Church has a wealth of history that we, in the The Friends of the Royal Garrison Church, love to share.

We are reopening the church for Good Friday and we want to remind people that it is here and tours are available.

Last year, we celebrated its 800th anniversary and what a great year we had.

We want this to long continue so we are asking people in Portsmouth to come and visit as it is a great tourist spot.

Its stain glass windows are fascinating and each has a different picture which represents different time periods.

The plaques on the seats reveal some interesting characters who people wanted to be remembered.

And we cannot forget about the brass which everyone is tempted to touch.

We get a lot of schools here and the children enjoy learning about the history of the building and how it survived World War Two.

But we want parents to bring their children too so all ages can enjoy it.

It is great place to come on a summer’s day and is something different from all the other types of attractions we have in Portsmouth.

People should be encouraged to come here and look around and discover many hidden secrets and facts about the church.

We will be open from Good Friday until September, maybe October depending on the weather.

We are open all day, Monday to Saturday but we are always in need of more guides; that is the biggest trouble we face.

But the guides we do have love it and Friends of the Royal Garrison Church have met some fantastic characters from all over the world.

The Royal Garrison Church really is a little gem.