The Sir Loin of Beef, Eastney

Landlord of The Sir Loin of Beef on Highlands Road Southsea - Paul Jevons (52)    Picture: Malcolm Wells (113526-1162)
Landlord of The Sir Loin of Beef on Highlands Road Southsea - Paul Jevons (52) Picture: Malcolm Wells (113526-1162)
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LIFE under the ocean waves greets punters who fancy something different with their pint of ale at the Sir Loin of Beef, in Eastney.

Commanding the Highland Road pub is seafaring landlord Paul Jevons.



The former Chief Petty Officer Marine Technician, who was based at former Gosport submarine base HMS Dolphin, has naturally given his pub a nautical theme.

On the walls are pictures of Russian submarines, a replica submarine clinometer and a plaque commemorating members of Portsmouth Submarine Depot.

Deep-sea paintings and miniature boats also hang above the bar.

Paul, 52, who has been in charge of the pub for 12 years, is backing our campaign to get people back into their locals.

He said: ‘For me, this place is all about retaining character and tradition.

‘When I started here I immediately got rid of the darts board and the pool table and put more tables and seats in for everyone.

‘You don’t want two people hogging the whole bar with pool sticks.

‘It’s really just a good old drinking pub.

‘I wanted to encourage more females to use the pub and bring people in who wouldn’t have come by before.’

The pub boasts a line-up of eight real ales that are kept on the go daily.

Brews include Plum Porter, from Titanic Brewery, in Stoke-on-Trent, and Summer Lightning, from the Hop Back Brewery in Wiltshire.

Hearty brews and old character has helped bring together those who took to the ocean.

Paul said: ‘Being a former submariner myself, I know how important it is to stay in touch with those who I made strong bonds with over the years.

‘That’s why I wanted the pub to have a sea theme. It keeps the camaraderie going.’

Regular Steve Towill, 53, from Eastney, said: ‘This pub has got the best real ales in town. It’s clean, friendly and there’s no trouble. Paul is a real character.’