There are more important things in life than 5p bags

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So large parts of the country went into meltdown when the 5p charge for plastic bags was introduced.

What a pathetic carry-on about nothing. It’s the expecting-something-for-nothing brigade rearing their ugly heads again.

There was no civil unrest, cars weren’t set on fire and the army wasn’t deployed with water cannons

It’s embarrassing that some of these people are incapable of thinking of an alternative solution and have instead now resorted to stealing trolleys and baskets.

What are these morons going to do next time they go shopping?

Will we see chavs casually sauntering up the high street with their trolleys, a smattering of feral kids hanging off the sides?

You’ll see these trolleys parked up in people’s front gardens soon, next to the mobility scooters and old freezers.

Without anything to collect up, the supermarket trolley boys will be out of work.

They’ll probably be put on sentry duty around the car park, looking out for basket thieves.

They should just ban plastic bags completely or charge 50p a go. People will have to take notice then.

Apparently it’s illegal now though, because the bags have the shop logos on and that’s advertising.

But how is this any different to buying a pair of Nike trainers and walking about with a swoosh on them?

I’ve read people are moaning that the 5p charge infringes their human rights and that they should be provided with bags to put their shopping in.

Idiots. It won’t be long before the bone idle are complaining they can’t afford these bags and no doubt the do-gooders will start handing them out for free.

We’ll see Cash For Carrier Bags appeal containers appearing around the country. There will be a special section on Red Nose Day dedicated to it.

Come on people, I’m sure there are more important things going on in the world than a small charge for a bag.

If you don’t like paying it, then don’t.

They’ve been charging for carrier bags in other parts of the world for years. There was no civil unrest, cars weren’t set on fire and the army wasn’t deployed to use water cannons.

Get over it.