There’s a new genius in town as young Conor scores top Mensa mark

GENIUS Conor Price scored 162 on a Mensa IQ test, and right Albert Einstein.     Picture: Steve Reid (112223-843)
GENIUS Conor Price scored 162 on a Mensa IQ test, and right Albert Einstein. Picture: Steve Reid (112223-843)
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MOVE over Bill Gates, there’s a new genius in town.

For Portsmouth boy Conor Price has been officially declared a genius at the age of just 14.

Conor has an IQ of 162, which is higher than Bill Gates, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Conor was invited to join Mensa by his form tutor at the City of Portsmouth Boys school.

And he was astonished when his results came back with an IQ of 162.

Conor, from Nelson Road, Cosham, said: ‘I was amazed. I thought I was smart, but not that smart.

‘I have always enjoyed school, which sounds weird.

‘I enjoyed maths from a very young age but it wasn’t until I went to secondary school that I enjoyed science.

‘I have got a good bunch of friends to be honest. I have been lucky.

‘Nerds and boffins are words that are said but I just shake them off.’

At just 14, Conor has already decided what he wants to do when he leaves school and moves on to life as a university student, with Oxford and Cambridge as possible choices.

‘I want to be a doctor or a surgeon,’ he said.

‘Surgeons and doctors are incredible. They save lives.

‘What could be more rewarding than that?

‘My family have been really supportive over the years and helped me with my school work.

‘They couldn’t be more supportive. I want to make people proud.’

Dad Spencer Clements, 36, added: ‘I am very proud of my son. He is doing very well at school. He has always been very switched on.

‘I started to notice when he was about eight or nine.

‘I had put up a dart board and as we were throwing he was picking it up very quickly.

‘He was beating me at the end. He started adding and subtracting.

‘He has really applied himself.

‘I just think for a kid of his age to do something like that, it might encourage other people to join as well.

‘To be honest I was absolutely ecstatic.

‘With your children you always hope that they will go on to do better things than yourself.’