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I WORK as a learning support assistant in a creative writing class Friday mornings at the Omega Centre, Southsea.

Each week students read out work they have written, whether that be ongoing stories, poems, songs or lyrics and this week I felt compelled to share this piece by Deborah Sibson who never ceases to amaze me.

Recruiting Letters

A very arrogantly leant over and nudged B

Who blatantly ignored him when he asked, “have you seen C?”

C was chatting to D, who was pretending to be deaf.

While E was eagerly awaiting his friend F.

G, H and I were gathered in a huddle.

Inviting others to join them for a reassuring cuddle.

J and K were joking, their kitbags nearby,

L was laughing at M being mithered by a fly.

N was nodding at O, who was openly being rude

About a chap called P who had pilfered some of his food.

Q was sitting quietly listening to R,

Who was rabbiting about his brand new motor car.

S sauntered over to T who was talking to U

Both were uniformly queuing for the loo.

V was venting loudly to W watching all the others,

X was xenophobic, but wouldn’t tell these brothers.

Y gave a gaping yawn then screwed his nose up at Z,

A qualified zoologist who wished he was back in bed.

Suddenly a sergeant major boomed ‘attention, in line. Get!

You ‘orrible sorry lot. You’re now in the Alphabet.

Workshops are an amazing way to not only learn new skills but also meet amazing and inspiring people.

I get such pleasure in seeing people grow in their craft and learning from each other. Everyone is so different, there are various skill levels in the classes and it’s great to see encouragement within the groups.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, you may be surprised to learn you have a hidden talent.

n If you would like to book a weekly class visit to watch for ongoing courses starting in January or visit Omega Arts for one-off Saturday workshops.

The next set of workshops are on Saturday, January 23 and include: Portrait drawing from life, Painting beautiful skies in acrylics, Ceramic sculpture after Moore and Hepworth, Introduction to lino cut and A professional creative practice.