These are the '˜most Googled' questions about Brexit

Brexit has dominated the political agenda since Britain voted to leave but it seems many people still do not know what it is or when it is happening.

Monday, 17th September 2018, 10:00 am
Updated Monday, 17th September 2018, 10:07 am

The most Googled question in the UK about the issue in the last two weeks was '˜when is Brexit?' followed by '˜what is Brexit?', the search engine has revealed.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the most searched for questions is about the complex Chequers plan for future relations with the EU.

But the impact that quitting will have on house prices was also among the most Googled issues.

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Across the rest of the EU, Google was used to search what Brexit is and whether citizens from the rest of the bloc will need permission to live in Britain after it quits.

Here are the most popular questions from the last two weeks:


When is Brexit?

What is Brexit?

Will Brexit happen?

What is no deal Brexit?

When was the Brexit vote?

What is the Chequers deal?

Will Brexit affect house prices?

What will happen after Brexit?

How many people voted for Brexit

EU 27:

What is Brexit?

What is no deal Brexit?

What are the consequences of Brexit?

Do I need to request to live in Britain after Brexit?

Will Brexit cause a recession?

When is Brexit happening?

Will Brexit happen?

Will there be civil unrest after Brexit?

What is the pound to Euro exchange rate?

What will happen to bank shares after Brexit?