These rare 50p coins could be worth as much as £2,250

Rare 50ps could be worth a small fortune! Picture:
Rare 50ps could be worth a small fortune! Picture:
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Next time you reach into your pocket to find your change it might be worth having a quick look at the coins before you spend them because they could be worth a small fortune.

By now you’ve probably heard about the £5 notes with special serial numbers that are worth hundreds of pounds but 50p coins can be worth just as much.

Do you have any of these 50p coins in your piggy bank? Picture:

Do you have any of these 50p coins in your piggy bank? Picture:

Eager collectors are willing to fork out sums way over the face value to get their hands on rare coins such as those featuring 2012 Olympic designs and beloved children’s book character Jemima Puddleduck.

On eBay rare 50p are being listed for hundreds of pounds, so could that coin sitting in your purse or wallet be worth a small fortune?

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A special edition Hundred Years of Girlguiding is selling for £100 on the website, as of July 2.

Another limited edition 50p to keep your eyes open for is the Battle of Hastings coin from 2016 which is being flogged from between £1.50 - tripling the value of your coin - and a whopping £270.

Kew Garden 50ps are also keenly sought after on eBay with coins being listed from anywhere between £4.99 to £68 and even £109.

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The 2017 limited edition The Tales of Peter Rabbit is being listed for an eye watering £2,250 on eBay, as of July 2 - so check down the side of the sofa or in your piggybank because you could be holding on to a small fortune!

The London 2012 Olympic special eidtion 50p coins are also ones that could be worth more than their face value, selling from 99p on eBay all the way up to £190 for the full collection of all 29 limited designs.

Beatrix Potter coins are also worth a pretty penny on eBay, with Jemima Puddleduck 50ps being listed across a range of different prices from £1.99.