This is how a Waterlooville author transformed her life after a brutal breakup

Author, Angie Langley with her new book
Author, Angie Langley with her new book
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A DECADE ago Angie Langley was left heartbroken and feeling vulnerable after a nightmarish break-up.

It was an emotional upheaval that saw her leaving her home of 25 years in Waterlooville and quitting her nine-to-five office job to venture out on a period of soul searching.

Now after her ten-year adventure, which saw her retrain as a cook and work for wealthy businessmen, Angie has finally been able to discover her true career and passion – as an author.

The writer has just penned her first book, Jennifer Brown’s Journey, which has already seen rave reviews online.

And to celebrate her ‘reinvention’ Angie visited Cascades shopping centre in Portsmouth to offer signed copies of her novel to fans.

Speaking to The News, she said: ‘I never imagined I would ever be able to write a book. But it’s been amazing. It’s given me my self-confidence back.

‘About 10 years ago life for me went very emotionally wrong. I reinvented myself, I left the area and my safe office job to venture on a new adventure.

‘I taught myself to cook and worked for a couple of wealthy businessmen. But it was a very lonely time for me, especially in the evening.

‘So I turned to writing. It took over my whole life. I spent two hours a night writing. It really was a labour of love. And now I’m here, with a book in my hand, that can go on the shelf. It’s a great feeling.

‘I am no-one special, just an ordinary, silly woman but I did it.’

Angie’s book draws on her own life experiences and follows the tale of Jennifer Brown, a zany 30-something who is trying to get a grip of her life which is on the edge of collapse.

Her wacky adventure sees her reinventing herself first as cook and housekeeper to a saucy sexagenarian, then as manager of a tumbledown country estate with sensitive secrets.

Angie said some of the tales in the book were based on her experiences and admitted Jennifer’s character was based upon herself.

‘She absolutely is me,’ she said. ‘I have never been hugely self-confident so writing this was tough. But I wanted to show people that life can go wrong but it’s all about self-confidence.’

Angie’s book is available online at Amazon for £4.95 as a paperback or e-book for £2.99.