THIS WEEK IN 1971: Antiques dealer died on Havant platform

Crews tackle the fire at Browndown, in Gosport, which has left land visibly blackened and scorched. Picture: Portchester Fire Station on Twitter (@Portchester28)

Firefighters battle 300m heath fire at Browndown in Alver Valley in Gosport 

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Southsea antiques dealer, Mr Benjamin Harris was found dead on the platform at Havant railway station by British Rail dining staff, after falling ill on a train from Portsmouth to Waterloo.

Mr Harris was taken off the train at Havant and given chest massage by ticket collector Jack May and station supervisor James Cook.

Mr Cook, 62, of Southleigh Road, Havant, told The News: ‘I felt his pulse as he lay on the platform and there was still a spark of life. We tried artificial respiration – but it was no good.’

Ambulancemen from Havant and a doctor also tried to revive Mr Harris on the platform.

Mr Harris lived at Eastern Villas Road, Southsea, and police believe he was about 54 years of age.

Friends were later told of his death.

Efforts were then made to contact his only known relative in the United States.