THIS WEEK IN 1974: Undetectable cinema ‘ghost’ puzzled police

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A call to clamp down on what he described as a ‘back-door method of jumping the housing list queue’ was made by DJ Blackmore at a meeting of Fareham Borough Council’s Health and General Purposes Committee.

Mr Blackmore said he had heard of people coming from outside the borough and making their homes in caravans on land or in back gardens owned by relatives.

He said: ‘There is no question of them just staying the night. They use the caravans as permanent homes and they don’t care who knows.

‘The idea is for the Borough Council to find out and prosecute, thereby creating a housing situation.’

Borough environmental health officer H Peaper said that if a caravan was occupied for sleeping only, there was nothing the council could do, but if it was connected to a water supply and main drainage, the owners would need to acquire planning permission.