‘This week one child even escaped from a straitjacket’

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Southsea teenager found after going missing for four days

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I AM teaching the performers of the future.

In September I’m going to carry on teaching magic and circus skills at Fareham Leisure Centre on a Wednesday straight after school.

But it’s gone so well, I’m going to run one at Gosport Leisure Centre on a Thursday at 4pm straight after school.

On Wednesday this week, the children from Fareham Circus & Magic Club put on a show for friends and family at Fareham Leisure Centre.

The show featured skills the children had learnt over the last 13 weeks including juggling, unicycling, stilt walking and street magic.

One child even escaped from a straitjacket.

The children were excellent and parents looked like they thoroughly enjoyed it.

And anyone who has been to one of my clubs before can come to a brand new session from September too – the Youth Circus, at Brodrick Hall, in Clayhall Road, Anglesey, Gosport, on a Thursday at 7pm.

It will kind of be a bit like a youth club, for kids who have been to one of my things before.

They can come along and it’s a bit more laid back and less structured than my regular clubs.

Although those clubs will also carry on.

The Youth Circus is for people who already know how to do some, to carry on developing their skills.

Really it will be a bit like the one I run for adults, it will just be an hour earlier on the same evening.

I’ve had so many children now who keep coming back.

I will eventually run out of new things that I can have at the club, so that’s why I’ve set up the youth circus up, for people to practise at their pace.

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