Thousands of flags at Fratton

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THOUSANDS of flags made by schoolchildren will be planted at Fratton Park as part of the Olympic torch’s visit to Pompey’s home ground.

Artist Jon Adams will plant 4,000 flags made by youngsters at schools in Portsmouth and the city’s French counterpart, Caen.

The flags will all be in place on Monday morning ready to wave goodbye to the Olympic torch as it prepares to leave the city on its way to Petersfield.

The event is part of Dysarticulate, a project by Jon Adams to encourage people to take part in large-scale works of art.

The project was influenced by Jon’s dyslexia and involves making flags with recycled pages from books.

Jon, from Portsmouth, said: ‘I wanted to do something that was fun, looked great and most importantly that everyone could do to celebrate the countdown to the games.

‘Despite having dyslexia, I’ve always loved books.

‘Dysarticulate gives old books a new lease of life – the transformation makes people view and respect them in a new, exciting way.’

Jon is the artist in residence at the University of Portsmouth.