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GET YER LOCKS OFF Thomasina McGuigan with the 18 others who had their heads shaved
GET YER LOCKS OFF Thomasina McGuigan with the 18 others who had their heads shaved

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HAVING major surgery for cancer and undergoing chemotherapy is a heavy burden for anyone.

But gutsy Thomasina McGuigan has gone the extra mile despite having her whole life turned upside down by breast cancer.

Thomasina McGuigan before the chop

Thomasina McGuigan before the chop

The 40-year-old, from Mitchell Road, Bedhampton, who was diagnosed with cancer in October, has already raised more than £3,200 for Breast Cancer Care.

The charity provides patients with all the information they need while they are undergoing treatment.

Thomasina set up her own online blog – entitled ‘My left breast – an obituary’ – and an online donations page.

Then her fundraising appeal was given a major boost when family, friends and acquaintances turned out in force to a charity head shave at Thomasina’s local, The Golden Lion, in Bedhampton.

Thomasina was the first of 18 people to have their hair shaved off for charity.

Thomasina, who commutes to London every day for her job at an asset management company, said: ‘It was absolutely fantastic.

‘There was masses of support. I have always had quite long hair.

‘I said “I am getting it cut off first”.

‘I didn’t want to wake up in the morning and have half my hair on the pillow.’

Thomasina laughed: ‘We initially got people to sign declarations of sobriety!’

The night raised a total of £800 in cash.

Pub landlady Lynn Jablonski said: ‘She’s been really brave. She’s just been so positive regarding the whole situation.’

To add to the fundraising total, Lynn’s husband Richard, who has had a skinhead since 1994, agreed to grow his hair for two weeks for every person who had their head shaved.

He will now grow his hair until February when another hair-shaving night will take place.

Thomasina, a stepmum of two, is now starting 18 weeks of chemotherapy.

She said: ‘It’s all been done at Queen Alexandra Hospital where the staff have been fantastic.’

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